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writer, photographer,
social & consumer researcher, music-lover, event-organizer,
father, son, partner

Private Complaints & Public Health (ed. with Ann Oakley),
Policy Press, Bristol 2004
Ruts of History (a historical novel: coming soon!)
Voting for Health: the role of health in British & American elections

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The annual Musique-Cordiale Festival Musiques en Liberté

Sacred to sexy, classical to jazz, choral, orchestral and chamber ensembles:
Music in the Var, France  

10-19 August 2007, based around
Seillans, Bargemon & Mons:

3 - 17 August 2008 

Recent Festivals:
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Bridging cultures & generations through listening

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New angles on old ideas

 Far-sight RESEARCH
enhancing your services & policies by re-examining what you know & listening to your consumers
Far-sight EXCHANGE
understanding others by asking questions & sharing experiences, music & arts

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Green Shoots on One Globe:

Festival of Music
displaying the budding talents of talented musicians from diverse cultures

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intelligent ideas
thoughtful analysis
responsive policies
sensitive delivery
Analogue Theatre Productions
mile end
see also: Hannah Barker in
"Mile End" by Analogue Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe 2007
Pleasance Kingdome (DOME) 2.30pm 1st - 27th Aug.
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